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Why Your Tire Pressure is Important

Tire Pressure of Your Vehicle

Correct Air Pressure is Important

Auto repair shops like us believe that your air pressure is just as important as providing your car with an engine tune-up. Why? Well, with the right amount of air pressure, you can prevent accidents, save on fuel, and enhanced handling. When you fail to maintain the correct tire pressure, it can result to many unwanted situations like reduction of tire life, vehicular mishandling, and poor gas mileage.

Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure

We’ve mentioned before that you should check your tire pressure every month, and we still stand by this tip. Sadly, many people forget to do this simple but fairly easy task. Truth be told, your tires lose pressure everyday. This means that a tire can lose about one to two pounds of air every month. Even worse, hotter days calls for more loss of tire pressure.  

You can conveniently check your tire’s air pressure when you’re at the gas station. Every vehicle is different when it comes to tire pressure so make sure that you know this ideal number. Doing a simple task like this, helps you save money over the long haul.

The Correct Tire Pressure

As mentioned before, every car is different. The best place to look for this specific number is through your car’s manual. The number can also be found by the edge of your vehicles’ car door, fuel door or glove box.

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