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How to Perfectly Detail Your Car

If you’re a parent, it’s safe to say that at some point in your life, your car was less-than-perfect regarding cleanliness. If you disagree, we applaud you. But for many parents having a dirty car is completely normal. Still, if you’re tired of having a dirty car, maybe it’s time to detail it. So we’ve come up with some ideas on how to efficiently do it.

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How to Detail Your Car the Efficient Way

Take it to a Car Washing Shop

Before you completely detail your car, take it to a car wash shop first. This will tremendously get rid of the crumbs that have served as an eyesore to you! Shell out your loose change and give your car a deserving vacuum alongside a car wash.

Save Your Money

Your car will feel clean after a vacuum, but it won’t completely feel clean unless you do some extra steps. On average, car detailing costs about $100 depending on where you go. If you’re not ready to part with that kind of money, we suggest do a little experimentation yourself! Use a laundry detergent spray to scrub away the sticky parts of the car. Yeah, you know those ice cream stains on the car seat? You may want to get rid of those!

Underneath the Booster Seat

Don’t forget that many crumbs hide under your child’s boosters and car seats. Make sure to vacuum these areas. After that, spray it with an appropriate upholstery product to take care of the odor and overall cleanliness.


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