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Car Hacks – Auto Repair Las Vegas

Your car has only been through so much that it needs the pampering that it deserves. We’ve come up with some car hacks that we know you’ll enjoy so get your tools ready and read on!


You might be scratching your head on this one, but your car isn’t. Toothpaste is your go-to product when you want your headlights shined. Buff it with a white cloth, and it’ll look new in a couple of minute.

Nail Polish

Slow down the crack from getting worse by applying a clear coat over it. Do this on both sides of the glass for optimal progress.


Do you always forget where you parked? So do we. Use your camera phone as an indicator for your parking by simply taking a photo of where you parked before you take a step further. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about where your car is!

Shoe Organizer

So you have a lot of things in your car, and you can’t seem to organize all of it together. ABZ Auto care is not only an auto repair Las Vegas shop, but we’re also big on organization. This is why we always know where the right tools are. For this one, simply use a shoe organizer and tie it at the back of the front passenger seat. That way, all your things are in plain site and organized.

Cereal Containers

Some people only have plastic bags lying around their car, but those can spill. Simply use a cereal container, and put a plastic bag over it. That way all your trash is in one place, and simply open the lid when you need to throw something away.

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