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How to Deal With Common Roadside Emergencies

At the start of every day, the last thing on anyone’s mind is dealing with a flat tire or dead battery on the side of the road. It’s unexpecting, and it can happen at any moment, so you’ll want to be prepared if it happens to you. These are five of the most common roadside emergencies and the tools needed to solve the problem!

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It is important in any of these situations that you remain calm and patient. If you feel uncomfortable handling any of these problems, call roadside assistance.

Flat Tire

Most often caused by a puncture of a very sharp object such as a nail, a flat tire can happen in a split second. If a flat tire occurs, pull off on the shoulder of the road and turn on your hazards. To fix the flat, you will need gloves, a bottle jack, spare tire, visibility vest (for evenings), and socket wrench. Make sure your car is in park with the parking brake engaged. Use the bottle jack to raise the tire off the road and use the socket wrench to remove and replace the flat tire with the spare.

Dead Battery

If you find your car battery starting to die on you, it is important not to push your car. Try your best to pull off into a parking lot, gas station, or neighborhood for you will need a second vehicle to jumpstart your battery. Having a set of jumper cables, correctly place the wires on each vehicle to charge the battery.  In the case you are in a desolate area, call for help.

Overheated Engine

This problem is a straightforward and easy fix. If your car is prone to overheating, keep a bottle of coolant and engine oil handy. When your vehicle begins to overheat, immediately turn off the car. CAUTION, pop the hood but do NOT open until the car has cooled down for about 5 or 10 minutes as the heat from the engine could cause injury. Once cooled, check oil and coolant levels and adjust as needed. If you suspect a leak, call for roadside assistance or a mechanic.

Bogged Car

Getting caught in snow or mud is quite common but is also a manageable situation. No tools needed for fixing this problem, however, this requires attentiveness and patience. Gently press your foot on the accelerator and let the vehicle roll backward. Immediately press onto the accelerator again to begin building momentum. Eventually, you will build enough momentum to get yourself out. If you are too deep in the rut and cannot build any momentum, call for a tow truck.

Car Accident

Car accidents happen every day in unexpected places. If you witness a car crash happen, the first thing you need to do is dial 911. First responders will arrive, and it is crucial that you do not move injured passengers unless told otherwise by the 911 operator or there is a risk of fire. In the event you are involved in the car accident, stay put and do not move if you feel you are injured, first responders will arrive to assist you.     

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