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The Importance of Smog Check

The Importance of Smog Checks

These days pollution is all around us and is a problem that is increasingly affecting our growing population. When it comes to cars, many people don’t consider their vehicle’s health to have a detrimental effect on the cities pollution. But the reality is that each vehicle emits various pollutants on a regular basis – the severity depending on the condition of the car – and smog checks are in place in an attempt to keep this at bay.

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Naturally, vehicles releasing less pollution are in a healthier condition, and one of the prime contributing factors to a car’s health is regular smog checks. Many people are of the belief that when no black clouds of smoke are visible, they’re in the clear – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. All states have certain emission levels that vehicles are forbidden to exceed.

Why is a Smog Check so Important?

  • Measures your vehicle’s emission levels
  • Acts to eliminate potential threats to the environment and people’s health
  • Discovers if your vehicle’s fuel is burning efficiently
  • Most states require a smog check before a vehicle can be registered

What Happens During a Smog Check?

During a smog check, the vehicle’s emissions are analyzed while the car is both idle and revved.  A device is connected to the tailpipe to determine the emissions exerted by the car, in comparison to the standard for the vehicle in question.

Failure of the smog test can be as a result of the car’s muffler, exhaust system, the “check engine” light, or simply if the vehicle’s emissions are over the state limit.

How Often Should I Have My Vehicle Checked for Smog?

Essentially the frequency of your vehicle’s smog check is determined by the make and model of the vehicle, where you live and your vehicle’s health. However, at ABZ Autocare, we recommend getting your vehicle checked for smog on a regular basis simply because if your vehicle is not in line with the state’s safety standards and it is not performing as it should, it could lead to further problems with your vehicle that could have easily been avoided!

At ABZ Autocare, we strive to provide our customers with smog inspections that are designed to give you a clear idea of how your vehicle is running. So, if this has got you thinking about how long it has been since your vehicle’s last smog inspection, come on down!


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