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At the start of every day, the last thing on anyone’s mind is dealing with a flat tire or dead battery on the side of the road. It’s unexpecting, and it can happen at any moment, so you’ll want to be prepared if it happens to you. These are five of the most common roadside emergencies and the tools needed to solve the problem!See Also: Basic Auto-Mechanic Skills to Learn!See Also: Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Summer?It is important in any of these situations that you remain calm and patient. If you feel uncomfortable handling any of these problems, call roadside assistance. Flat Tire Most often caused by a puncture of a very sharp object such as a nail, a flat tire can happen in a split second. If a flat tire occurs, pull off on the shoulder of the road and turn on your hazards. To fix the flat, you will need gloves, a bottle jack, spare tire, visibility vest (for evenings), and socket wrench. Make sure your car is in park with the parking brake engaged. Use the bottle jack to [...]

How to Finance a Used Car

Did you know that you can get financed for buying a used car? But keep in mind that the model, mileage, and age of the car will heavily factor on whether you could get approved for financing. For example, your bank will give you the money to buy a car, but they will have a series of guidelines that you will need to follow. Besides relying on a bank, there are other ways for you to get financed! The following are just some of the many.See Also: What to Look For When Testing Driving a Car See Also: Smart Ways to Negotiate On a Car Bank Lenders As mentioned above, many banks are willing to offer you financial help if you want to buy a used car. Of course, it comes with special requirements. For example, vehicles that are over ten years old may not be ideal in the list. Additionally, vehicles with 150,000 miles and over may not be approved. Many lenders will also require a minimum of $3,000 loan.Personal Loans Some people are not interested in asking for loans over $10,000 because they can pretty much cover most of the e [...]
If you’re a parent, it’s safe to say that at some point in your life, your car was less-than-perfect regarding cleanliness. If you disagree, we applaud you. But for many parents having a dirty car is completely normal. Still, if you’re tired of having a dirty car, maybe it’s time to detail it. So we’ve come up with some ideas on how to efficiently do it. See Also: Customers and Their Car ConcernsSee Also: Why Reviews Are Important to Auto Shops How to Detail Your Car the Efficient Way Take it to a Car Washing Shop Before you completely detail your car, take it to a car wash shop first. This will tremendously get rid of the crumbs that have served as an eyesore to you! Shell out your loose change and give your car a deserving vacuum alongside a car wash.

Basic Auto-Mechanic Skills to Learn!

We strongly suggest leaving heavy-duty work to professionals only. Why? Sometimes, taking on a DIY project might do more damage than good. Still, we think that there are some basic auto mechanic skills that everyone should develop to save them some time and money! The following are some of those skills we believe everyone should know.See Also: The Importance of Smog CheckSee Also: Car Stalling Problems Tire Inflation Your car could be working harder than it should due to low tire pressure. You may also be paying more for the gas because of them! To avoid these issues, learn how to inflate your tires with this tutorial. Replace the Spark Plugs You always want to make sure that electricity correctly travels in your [...]

That Strange Connection to Your Car Quotes

Have you ever had that strange connection between you and your car? Some say that your car reflects your personality which we find to be true in some ways. The following are car quotes that we thought was interesting and worth sharing. “Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music.”“Driving if my therapy. My escape.”“You can’t buy happiness but you can buy cars, and that’s kind of the same thing.”“If you don’t look back at your can after you park it, you own the wrong car.”“Give a man a car; he will be happy for the day. Give a man a woman; he will be happy for the night. Give a man a woman who loves cars; he will be happy for life.”“I don’t need therapy. I just need to go for a drive.”“If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough.” -Mario Andretti“If one day speed ki [...]
The Importance of Smog ChecksThese days pollution is all around us and is a problem that is increasingly affecting our growing population. When it comes to cars, many people don’t consider their vehicle's health to have a detrimental effect on the cities pollution. But the reality is that each vehicle emits various pollutants on a regular basis - the severity depending on the condition of the car - and smog checks are in place in an attempt to keep this at bay.See also: Why Your Tire Pressure is importantSee also: Going Green With Your CarNaturally, vehicles releasing less pollution are in a healthier condition, and one of the prime contributing factors to a car's health is regular smog checks. Many people are of the belief that when no black clouds of smoke are visible, they’re in the clear - but this couldn’t be further from the truth. All states have certain emission levels that vehicles are forbidden to exceed.

Is Your Car Ready for the Summer?

Ah, summer! It’s a season full of high expectations from road trips to the beach to tanning under the sun. Summer is the season of amusement combined with nothing but fun. Still, it’s a season that most car owners face! While summer has benefits along with it, it is almost an execution course for all types of vehicles. The heat waves that comes along with it is detrimental to the overall well-being of cars. So, how can you enjoy the summer season and keep your vehicle from running frequent visits to an auto repair shop? Related: Car Stalling ProblemsRelated: Car Check-Ups Every Three Months Preparing Your Car for the Summer Regularly Check Your Tires With the temperature slowly shifting from cool to warm, it is safe to regularly inspect your tir [...]
Being in the market for a new or used car can be overwhelming especially when you’re not sure where to start. We all know that purchasing a vehicle is such a big deal because they cost a lot of money, and they act like a second home to us. One thing to keep in mind is purchasing the ideal car for our lifestyle at the right price is important. While care dealerships have a reputation for being “dishonest”, there are smart ways to get around their business. How? By strategizing your plan. SEE ALSO: Buying a New Car? - What to Look for When Testing a Car Smart Tips to Car Buying Let Them Compete Car dealerships are consistently competing sales with one another which makes it so easy for them to beat the best prices around the market. In some cases, they would rather sell low than lose sale over all. How do you go about this competing market? Show a proof of prices from a competitor. Before you venture of [...]

Customers and Their Car Concerns

After getting involved in a car accident, many consumers look for a reliable auto repair shop like us. They usually find reputable businesses in review websites like Yelp that can be really helpful in times of crisis. Once they have chosen the auto repair shop of their choice, they begin to ask questions and pose concerns. What are the top concerns people have regarding their vehicle? Paint Job After getting involved in an accident, they usually ask about the paint job. It's not unusual to hear about it specially when skids and paint chips tend to wear off around the busted area. Typically, repair shops may find the color code of the paint by adhering to the "Service Parts Identification". Durability The most important concern that they have is the drivability of their vehicle. Will it drive normally after the repair? Unless the vehicle is totalled, advanced alignment machines help technicians ensure that all the suspensions that were damaged are properly aligned once the repair is complete. Frame If the car has suffered from a wreck, they may be concerned about the overall frame. Collisions usually disfigures the framework which makes it seem impossible to restore anew. [...]
Tire Pressure of Your Vehicle Correct Air Pressure is Important Auto repair shops like us believe that your air pressure is just as important as providing your car with an engine tune-up. Why? Well, with the right amount of air pressure, you can prevent accidents, save on fuel, and enhanced handling. When you fail to maintain the correct tire pressure, it can result to many unwanted situations like reduction of tire life, vehicular mishandling, and poor gas mileage. Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure We’ve mentioned before that you should check your tire pressure every month, and we still stand by this tip. Sadly, many people forget to do this simple but fairly easy task. Truth be told, your tires lose pressure everyday. This means that a tire can lose about one to two pounds of air every month. Even worse, hotter days calls for more loss of tire pressure.  You can conveniently check your tire’s air pressure when you [...]

Car Stalling Problems

It can be a nerve-wracking experience when a car is stalling. Many thoughts rush in the mind when unusual situations like this happen. The feeling of a not-so-smooth ride can leave a driver feeling anxious and distressed. When a car stalls, it keeps your car from moving effectively in the flow of traffic which can start a path to danger to you and over vehicles around. So, what are some reasons why an engine can stall? The following are just some reasons from auto repair shops: Electrical Component The engines of today rely heavily on electrical sensors in order for them to function properly. Stalling happens when the electrical component works improperly that the engine’s computer isn’t receiving sufficient information to keep it going. When this happen, the “check engine” light usually turns on. One of the first things that you can do is by simply popping the hood to check all the electrical connectors. A simple sensor that has come unplugged may be the issue. Leak in the Vacuum System One of the important data in your vehicle’s [...]

Why Reviews are Important to Auto Shops

Many people love us on Yelp which is a great indicator for us and yourself. We're so proud to be backed by many people who support our hard work and dedication to our customers! We want the best for you and your family which is why we strive for nothing less than perfection.The following are reasons why we value your reviews: Reputation About 88% of our customers look at reviews to determine which is a good auto shop. Our business relies on the reviews to generate more amazing customers like yourself. Business Referrals Believe it or not, some businesses refer each other! The people behind a business are people just like you at the end of the day. We read reviews, and recommend each other if we see that it's relevant to your needs. Search Engines Nowadays, technology has its way of weeding out good and bad businesses. The more reputable a business is, the more they pop up first on search engines. Your reviews help us a great deal with this! Top of the Competition Many auto shops don't like to share reviews written by their customers because of their bad reputation. The good business has nothing to hide! So, just like us, we are proud to show our dedication to new guests.Here at ABZ Auto Care, we are proud to say th [...]

Buying a New Car?

What to Look for When Testing for a Car
Here at ABZ Auto Care, we want you to have a good working vehicle from the start. That means that we hope you exercise a good car buying habit when you go to a trusted car dealership. We've heard of so many horror stories by people who purchased their car without completely inspecting it to the point that it breaks down on them after a few weeks. Let's not let this happen to you.The following are some tips on what to look for when buying a car: Always test drive the vehicle This is a no-brainer. Always test the car and see if the vehicle is the perfect fit for you and your needs. Does it run smoothly? Is it easy to maneuver? Is it the size that you're looking for? Car Noise When you're testing for a car, you're looking for any kind of unusual noise. Turn the radio down for this part and keep the conversation to a minimum. Roll the windows down and up to see if you hear suspicious noises. When you hear the car rattle, this could be a sign of many problems. Also, try the steering wheel. Does is make a funny [...]

Car Maintenance Every Six Months

On our previous entries, we mentioned which parts of the car needs attention every month and every three months. Now, the long awaited entry is here! Which parts of the car needs to be checked every six months? Let's get started! Brakes This is a primary item in your car that insures the safety your family. Having this checked every six months is crucial. Another reason why you would want this maintained is to avoid any damages in your brake rotors. When brake rotors gets damaged, it is requires a whole lot of labor. So, when you're checking, look for unusual wear and tear. Spare Tire It's bad enough to have your car break down due to a flat tire. But how terrible is to realize that your spare tire is not inflated? Simply checking every six months can ensure that you're prepared in case of emergencies. Shocks If you think that your car isn't riding smoothly, it could be your shocks. When you check your car you're looking for oil seepage or unusual wear. You can do this by obs [...]

Gifts For The Driver On Your List

The holiday season is finally here which means that it's the time for giving. And what better way is it to give presents like auto parts which brings meaning and ensures the safety/convenience of your loved ones? So, we've come up with gift ideas to give for the driver on your list. Let's get started! Tires While they are hard to wrap, gifting tires ensures safety and improves a car's performance. With winter slowly heading to its peak, having tires that are reliable prevent accidents. When browsing for tires, look for the ones that work efficiently with braking, winter traction, and resistance to hydroplaning. Tire Pressure Gauges Car owners should always know that their tires should always be properly inflated. This is important for every driver's safety and it is also fuel efficient. There are a variety of styles to choose from such as dial and digital gauges. Phone Car Mounts Almost everyone uses their phone for directions. Many drivers use them without car mounts which causes them to look down on their phone instead of paying attention of the road. With the use of phone car mounts, they have th [...]

Driving Tips for the Holidays

Because of the cold weather, your car needs to heat up before actually leaving the lot. You do this by starting your car and leaving it idle for about five minutes. It's bad enough that you're sitting in your car going through the winter hassles, but driving around the holidays can be hectic. In addition to this, there are cautions that you have to look out for as the roads can get pretty slippery. Having said that, the winter is one of the busiest times for auto repair shops as cars tend to not start or simply breakdown. So, what can you do to keep yourself safe during the holiday fiasco?  Keep it Cool When you find yourself stuck in traffic, just know that everyone is just as frustrated as you are. Don’t channel your anger towards that poor grandma driving slowly in front of you. You really don’t want your car to meet its fate at an auto repair shop specially at this time of the year, do you? Your car is very precious for your convenience during this season. Take Your Time Speeding will only cause accidents, and it irritates the drivers near you. Just think about the other ways of transporta [...]

Check-ups Every Three Months

Last week, we covered the type of things that needs to be checked every month for your vehicle. This week, we want to share with you, what items you should be checking every three months. Auto repair Las Vegas shops such us understands how frustrating it can be when your vehicle goes awry when you least expect it. Hence, we emphasize on regularly inspecting your vehicle either by us or yourself. Windshield Washer FluidsThese are important as your windshield can get dirty all of a sudden. When your windshield is dirty, it can impair your vision and ultimately compromise your safety. So, make sure to check your the fluids for your windshield, and replace it when it is running low. Lights The lights of our vehicle are so important to us and others as it’s a way to communicate with other vehicles. When a light is busted, you are risking yourself and others. So, ensure that this simple item is always working, and replace is it is busted. Oil FilterManufacturers as well as auto repair Las Vegas shops recommend that oil should be c [...]

Check-ups You Need To Do Every Month

 Regularly maintaining your vehicle is essential to get your car running smoothly. This is why auto repair Las Vegas shops suggests that you do a monthly routine for your vehicle so that you would hardly run into some problems a few years from now. After all, maintaining your car is also very cost efficient. The following are just some things you need to regular check every month:Oil LevelChecking your car’s oil level is important to ensure that your car runs smoothly. This is because oil simply reduces the car’s friction. When auto repair Las Vegas shops checks your car’s oil, they look for a smell of gasoline, leaks, appearance of clean/dirty oil, and its level. BeltsAre you aware that over time, your engine’s accessories such as the belts dry out or crack? For example, serpentine belts needs replacements over time as they lose the ability to contract and expand. When each accessory malfunctions, the consequence could end up being costly. So, when you’re checking your belts, look for rotten, brittle, and bulges because they may need replacements. Tire Pressur [...]
Your car has only been through so much that it needs the pampering that it deserves. We’ve come up with some car hacks that we know you’ll enjoy so get your tools ready and read on! Toothpaste You might be scratching your head on this one, but your car isn’t. Toothpaste is your go-to product when you want your headlights shined. Buff it with a white cloth, and it’ll look new in a couple of minute. Nail PolishSlow down the crack from getting worse by applying a clear coat over it. Do this on both sides of the glass for optimal progress. CameraDo you always forget where you parked? So do we. Use your camera phone as an indicator for your parking by simply taking a photo of where you parked before you take a step further. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about where your car is! Shoe OrganizerSo you have a lot of things in your car, and you can’t seem to organize all of it together. ABZ Auto care is not only an auto repair Las Vegas shop, but we’re also big on organizat [...]

Must-Have Tools for Car Owners According to Car Repair Shops!

We don’t always have the need to go to car repair shops as some issues are easily fixable with our own hands. While some people don’t really feel the need to fix small issues, there are many ways who are prepared for a little tinkering here and there. Having these must-have tools can also help you in case of emergencies. So always have these tools easily accessible. Jack standWhen car owners work on their vehicle, they should always have a jack stand in handy so that simple things like rotating tires can be done at the comfort of one’s home. This tool should always be stored in the car in the event that tire blows out. This just makes your life so much easier when changing your tires at an event of an emergency. FunnelYou can already guess what this is for. It is always important to get a regular oil change as it helps with your vehicle working efficiently. This tool is convenient to have that it makes changing oil so easy. Vice gripsThis is for when parts get loose. In some cases, your vehicle parts may not be as tight as they shoul [...]

Going Green With Your Car!

We’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of many people trying to reduce their carbon footprint, but did you know that you can also practice reducing carbon footprint just by driving your vehicle in a certain way? With many trends nowadays, it’s easy to join this one as it is quite important to take care of our planet. While we can’t always fully pledge ourselves to going green, practicing such awareness, will slowly, but surely help our environment. Going green with your car has never been so easy until now! Car PoolingWhat better way is it to go to places when you’re with other people? It can make going to home, work, school, and even shopping fun as you have someone to talk to. While traffic is imminent, you can be sure that someone will distract you from that vehicle that continuously cuts you off by easing your mood. So, find people around you who are going the same way to save gas and money. You and your pals can do this by taking turns on who will drive next. Up-to-Date Smog CheckIt’s not only the law, but it also helps our environment. Smog checks keeps each vehicles inspected by making [...]

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

Just like summer, the winter weather can be quite a strain to a car. While the days are getting shorter, so is your vehicle’s quality when they are not properly maintained. How exactly can you be so sure that you’re working your car at its optimal capacity during the cold winter days? Check your brakes! Your brakes are essential to your car, when it’s not in its tip-top shape, you can run into many problems such as an accident. So, save yourself the trouble and get this checked. You’ll know when you have to do so when you feel that you have to use excessive force when footing that brake. Another easy way to know is when your car doesn’t easily respond to your footing. Worn tires are a no-no. Your tire is comparable to a rubber band. When it’s new, it's unlikely that it will break unless there you use effort. When an rubberband is used quite often, it’s sketched out and eventually tears. Don’t wait for this to happen to your tires specially in the winter where you’re more vulnerable to water freezing in the streets. Switch to snow tires.

How Long do Tires Last?

Typically, we would expect tires to last 50,000 miles. However, that involves a generalization that every car is the same, travelling on the same surfaces, at the same speed, with the same severity of acceleration and braking, which leads us to believe that this is not a very reliable indication after all. If you have ever wondered about the lifetime of your tires, you’re not alone. You should consider a variety of factors, which will be outlined below.Driving Style -  Driving style has an effect on the evenness of tread wear as well as the overall tire performance.  The frequency and severity of braking and acceleration, the type and weight of the vehicle, the cornering speeds and the surface the vehicle is travelling on all have a combined impact on the tire and therefore will influence its lifespan. Essentially, when a vehicle brakes, the weight of the vehicle is thrown forward which causes the front of the vehicle to dip and therefore more weight to be exerted on the front tires. The opposite can be determined when the vehicle accelerates, which causes the major [...]

What You Need To Know About Car Batteries

At ABZ Auto Care, we’re here to help you understand what’s going on with your Vehicle’s Battery and Electrical System. A battery should last 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can shorten the life of your car battery. At ABZ Auto Care, we can provide you with a quick diagnostic check to estimate the temperature at which your battery may fail. It will also give some idea as to how much battery life you’ve left.A car battery has a huge responsibility. It powers all of the electrical components in your vehicle. Without battery power, your car won’t even start.There are various symptoms that indicate your battery may need replacement:If you attempt to start the vehicle and the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start - the sound can best be described as a “rur rur rur” starting noise sound. Check engine light: The check engine light sometimes appears when your battery power is weak. The strange system indicator lights coul [...]

Signs Your Brakes Need to be Inspected

Brakes are one of the most important parts of your car. They are essential to you vehicle and must be properly maintained at all times to ensure the safety of the people in your vehicle and the safety of everyone on the road. Pay attention to the sounds that your brakes make when you press on the brake pedal.Squeaking noises may be due to friction from the braking lining, and under extreme conditions it may lead to damage of the pads, lining, brake drums and rotors. A grinding noise may indicate that the brake pads are worn. When metal grinds against metal the contact could damage the drums and rotors. If you car is pulling to one side, it may be due to worn or uneven brake linings or a damaged brake line.At ABZ Auto Care, our expert team of ASE Certified Mechanics will check the brake pedal, hydraulic brake fluid, brake master cylinder, power brake booster, drum brakes, disc brakes and electronic anti-lock brake sensors.We like to share our in-depth knowledge of bra [...]

Avoid expensive car repairs with these helpful car maintenance and servicing tips

Regular servicing may not always be enough to uncover potential problems such as radiator fluid leaking (which could cause engine overheating and damage) Each month, it’s important to take a few minutes to conduct 6 car maintenance checks:Check the oil level. Pull out the oil dipstick, carefully wipe it with a cloth or paper towel, push it in and out again and look at the two marks near the end of the stick (one is maximum, the other minimum). If the oil is dirty or it smells of gasoline, it should be changed. The oil should be clear and between the two marks. Oil reduces friction in your engine and keeps it running smoothly. Radiator coolant level. The car’s radiator is the foundation for its cooling system. That system includes a fan, water pump, thermostat, hoses, belts, and sensors. Coolant is directed around cylinder heads and valves to capture heat return it to the radiator and dissipate it. It‘s important to maintain an adequate radiator fluid level by checking the coolant level and adding to it [...]

Understanding the Economics of Buying A Luxury Vehicle

The phrase, the “democratization of luxury” refers to the gradual transition of once-premium features being placed into the average cars, and with more and more luxury features making their way into regular cars, is this really a good time to buy a luxury vehicle? These days, items that were once reserved for luxury cars have mainstreamed their way into standard or optional features for nearly every automaker.If this is the case, why do people still opt for a high end name? Well, we’ll point out what buyers are paying for, more or less, and you can decide whether it make sense for you.Lincoln MKZ. This respectable luxury sedan is a luxurious rendition of its base model, the Ford Fusion, but it offers a 3.7-liter V6, unlike the Fusion, and a 2.0 liter EcoBoost makes 240 horsepower. While the Fusion offers a rather sporty feel to it, compared to the MKZ, with luxury features like heated/cooled seats, leather interior, SYNC infotainment, and power EVERYTHING – what exactly are you paying for?Model o [...]

A Quick Guide to Better Fuel Economy

TIP: Choose a More Efficient Vehicle Is it time to consider buying a new car? Like most Americans, you probably drive about 20,000 miles a year and in increasing your car’s fuel efficiency by 10 MPG can save you over a thousand bucks a year – not to mention numerous stops at the gas station. A word of advice – get the smallest, most efficient vehicle that makes sense for daily driving. A vehicle that get 30MPG will cost you $673 less to fuel each year than on that get 20 MPT. (15000 miles of driving annually and a fuel cost of roughly $2.69). Do the math – with a 5 year period, the 30-MPG vehicle will save you $3363.TIP: Use Regular Gas instead of Premium Does your owner’s manual say “Premium Unleaded Only”? Ten don’t ever use premium fuel. That simple choice will save you about 40 cents a gallon …or $8 on a 20-gallon fill up. An engine that is [...]

What‘s that whirring sound under my hood?

You rely on your vehicle to take you to work every day, take your kids to their endless string of activities, and run errands. Some of us spend more time in our vehicles than we do sitting on our sofas. With so much driving time, we get to know our vehicles pretty well. That being said, it‘s important to trust your instincts when it comes to your vehicle.Wondering what that whirring sound could be coming from under your hood? If the noise you hear is under hood and it just doesn’t seem quite right…you know it. That whirring sound that ripples, rises and falls with your engine’s RPM may be sign that you car is in need of serious repair.Low cyclical growling when you steer the wheel. Does the car make the sound when it is not in motion? If you hear a whining, growling sound when the car is sitting still, it’s coming fr [...]
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