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ABZAuto Care is pleased to offer a wide variety of the most commonly requested auto maintenance and auto repair services which include: oil changes, brakes services, tire rotations, timing belt replacements, and much more.

In addition to the services mentioned above, we specialize in several types of truck and auto repair services, including: Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service.

Give your car some extra care with service from ABZ Motors of Las Vegas. We offer more than 10 years of experience and specialize in providing quality auto repair and maintenance for all types of vehicles. Our technicians are highly skilled and proficient in brake repair, check engine light service, oil changes and more. We provide friendly, quality service at incredibly affordable prices.


  • Full Oil & Lube Service

  • Nevada Smog Inspection

  • 60 Points Pre Purchase Checks

  • Yearly Maintenance

  • Electrical Issues

  • Smoke & Evap Tests

Free SMOG Inspection when repair done at ABZ! 

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Pre Purchase Checks

Before you purchase that used vehicle, it is highly advisable to obtain an inspection. A Pre-purchase inspection may reveal problems with the vehicle’s body, engine and frame that are not immediately apparent. It is often the most overlooked step in the sales process and it is most beneficial for a purchase from a private party.

Yearly Maintenance

Yearly Maintenance includes Fluid checks, Oil Change, brake check, Engine Mount and suspension checks, Lights, Fuses and Tire Rotation. There are no hidden fees and we do replace parts if they are not needed, honesty is one of our goals.

Electrical Issues

At ABZ Auto Care, we’re here to help you understand what’s going on with your Vehicle’s Battery and Electrical System.  A battery should last 3 to 5 years, but driving habits and exposure to extreme elements can shorten the life of your car battery. At ABZ Auto Care, we can provide you with a quick diagnostic check to estimate the temperature at which your battery may fail. It will also give some idea as to how much battery life you’ve left.

Preventative Maintenance

Vehicle components and parts naturally wear out over time, and road hazards can negatively impact critical components. Adhering to the preventative maintenance schedule in your vehicle’s owner’s manual will help ensure that your vehicle always runs at optimal conditions.

Brake Pads

Brake pad, linings and rotors are part of your car’s brake system and are next to each of the wheels. They push against each other to create friction, which stops the car. If you think your brakes need servicing, bring in your vehicle to ABZ Auto Care and one of our qualified mechanics will look at it right away.

Air Filters

The air filter stops airborne contaminants from getting sucked into your car’s engine. It a paper filter that stops debris such as dust, leaves and pigeons before they get inside the engine and do damage.

Engine Diagnostics

Vehicles built after 1996 are equipped with an On-Board Diagnostics System that monitors engine performance. Any discrepancies in your vehicle’s performance levels are reported when your “check engine” or “service engine” light is displayed.  An engine diagnostic will determine the extent of suggested engine repairs.  Engine diagnostics and regular engine tune-ups will help extend the life of your vehicle and improve the health of your engine.

Front End Repair

Has your car been pulling to one side lately? Are you plagued by front end problems? Are your tires wearing out more quickly and unevenly? If any of these things are happening when you drive, ABZ Auto Care can help. Front end is an important maintenance service that fixes the angle of your tires and wheels after potholes and curb sides alter it.

Suspension Services

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension is responsible for providing optimal ride comfort and handling performance. Normal road conditions can cause the shocks, struts and spring of your suspensions system to weaken over time and these worn suspensions part may have an impact on the vehicle’s stability and the driver’s control. At ABZ Auto Care, we will thoroughly inspect all shocks, struts, and springs for signs of wear or damage.

Battery Replacement

Your car battery is a fundamental part of your charging and starting systems.  The battery is responsible for supplying electricity to other electrical components such as the radio and the internal and external lights when the demand exceeds the supply of the alternator or when the vehicle is off.

Smog Inspection

If you’re faced with a smog check or emissions testing for your vehicle, or if your vehicle failed its test, ABZ Auto Care can help. If you suspect your vehicle may not pass a smog check or emissions test, bring it in to us prior to taking it for the test. We will check out any issues you think the vehicle has as well as perform an inspection of our own.

Auto Inspection

Buying a car online does not come without risks, which is why it is beneficial to arrange a third-party pre purchase auto inspection. At ABZ Auto Care, we check the essentials – whether you’re looking for an older classic or an almost-new family car, our team of qualified mechanics will provide a trusted professional pre- purchase auto inspection that will include a thorough look under your car’s hood. At ABZ Auto Care, we want you to proceed with confidence about your purchase.

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